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Meet the Staub's


We are Jeff & Shay Staub, owners of Camp360 Services. We have over 15 years of experience on the road traveling with our family to parking it for the season. We both grew up camping with our families across New York State. And with similar memories, we take pride into sharing our past experiences while making new memories with our own children. Our love story began with camping and will end with us retiring in a 5th wheel. When camping season starts, the first thing we have to do is make sure our camper is safe from holes, rust, leaks and rodents. And in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances, we always make sure to follow the proper steps while using the right products.


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Gianna "G"

"G" is 20 years old, living with her high school bestie in the Greece community. She works fulltime and nanny's her little cousin. She is a hard worker and plans to enjoy her youth for the time being and we our so proud of her!



Jeffrey is turning 12 this summer and is taking on Baseball this season. He enjoys to take on the open fields when we camp and practice his home runs!

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