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Exclusive Services

Camp360 Services is an affiliate of Campground Owners of New York, member of National Detail Pro, and combined experience of 40+ years to service your RV needs. 

Check out some of the services we offer as well as some of our partners in the Fingerlakes Region.

Exterior & Interior Services

Here at Camp360, we understand that it can be challenging to handle RV detailing by yourself, so we offer a better way. Our mobile recreational vehicle detailing service takes that burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on where the road will take you next.


Do I really need to winterize my camper? Yes! Although some newer campers are equip with a built-in flushing component, others require a bit more elbow grease. Either way, winterizing ensures that your plumbing system is protected from the freezing temperatures ahead.

Seasonal Setup

Local Campgrounds Only within a 40 mile radius

It’s that time of year again, time to get your RV out of storage and hit the road. But wait! You still need to dewinterize your RV to ensure safe travels. Before you pack up your family and head to a campground, spend an afternoon checking out your rig and preparing it for the season ahead.

Maintenace vs Repairs

iStock-1221490476 (1).webp

When it comes to repairs there are a variety of options you must consider first.

A-Is this a new RV? If so, start by contacting your local RV dealership and speak with a Service Writer about your concerns. You may have coverage still on a part such as; appliances and many other parts to an RV. 

B- Is this a used unit? Unfortunately, the local RV dealerships are only taking there consumers due to the overwhelming demand. This may be something a local RV Mobile unit service can assist you with. Message us and we can walk you through the process so you can enjoy the summer!

At Camp360, we would love to take all the credit, but our goal is to make sure the top of the top professionals are keeping your RV on the road safe and healthy. Your investment is our priority!

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